Indian tradition fashion is becoming more mature and we are stepping into a big revolution of going back to the basics. In India, for a designer in India to grow big in both stature and creation, the only route is our culture.

We think the culture of wearing Banarasi has grown extensively over the past few years it's become revolution right now.





We think fashion's initial quest was to create individualism but right now it's only bringing homogeneity.

According to us, the coming years are going to be beauty with maturity. We are now in the fashion era of prime of life and are able to cut out the floss in clothing

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Nardev Fashion

The best online saree shopping store in India

NARDEV FASHION is an internationally recognized Indian company dubbed "The Best Fashion Clothing Brand for Women." Many craftsmen and weavers in India are unknown to the rest of the world; we are working with those weavers to help them become recognized internationally via NARDEV FASHION. The traditional Indian saree is gaining popularity throughout the globe. Sarees are available in office wear sarees, casual sarees, festive sarees, traditional sarees, and wedding wear saree avatars and are unstitched.


NARDEV FASHION has its finger on the pulse of the saree lover and offers an extensive selection of sarees in various fabrics, including cotton sarees, silk sarees, and chiffon, georgette sarees, crepe sarees, art silk sarees, net sarees, and mixed silk sarees. Filters may be used to limit your search results.


Bollywood celebrities, business moguls, tinsel town divas, aspiring models, and Instagram influencers are now loyal consumers of 'NARDEV FASHION,' since they may shop for their finest attires or costumes from an Indian brand in the most exquisite and glamorous designs.


When you need designer sarees for weddings, silk sarees for weddings, banarasi sarees, paithani sarees, kanjivaram or kanjeevaram sarees, satin sarees, bridal lehengas, or a whole new range of Indian wedding saree collections, we are here to help you find the perfect bridal wear for your special day, any time of year.


What's the point of wearing a saree?

Saree is a traditional Indian dress worn by women of all ages, whether college students for their goodbye parties, professional women for their offices, or housewives for festivals and weddings. Wedding sarees are becoming more popular because of their sensual appeal and atmosphere, which convert an Indian lady into a stunning diva. In a sari, an Indian lady looks stunning, and on big occasions such as festivals, celebrations, or weddings, the sari takes center stage, and the spotlight is on you.


We at NARDEV FASHION have years of experience in designing and weaving various types of Indian sarees, including traditional, designer and bridal. We also design bridal blouse net designs and offer the best designer sarees collection for those who appreciate beautiful Indian clothing and ethnic Indian clothing.


NARDEV FASHION offers the best traditional sarees online.


A saree is the quintessential illustration of Indian traditional wear. Whether it's a 6-yard marvel or a 9-yard fineness, a saree will make you feel as good as you look. When you think of a saree, you probably think of its exquisite zari embroidery, which embodies India's varied traditional aesthetic. Our contemporary artists can weave tales of the current fashions while maintaining the age-old traditions intact to the roots due to today's inventions and innovative technology.


At NARDEV FASHION take great pride in exhibiting the most beautiful, wide, and up-to-date variety of sarees online that speak to our tradition and culture's flair. Traditional saree culture evolves with time and new trends. We plan to stay up by upgrading our greatest assortment of banarasi sarees, kanjivaram sarees, paithani sarees, and silk sarees online daily!


It's right; you read that correctly. At a festive event, wedding celebration, or goodbye, a saree is a fascinating garment that may cure all your "I-have-nothing-to-wear" concerns. Whether your day consists of sitting in front of a computer from a 9-5 job or conducting household duties, our saree will always be there for you! Check out our newest and most extensive assortment of new sarees online, and be ready for every event, from an office party to your special day or wedding ceremony.


What's the best way to wear a saree?


A saree, or traditional Indian saree, is the name given to the whole garment. The saree was traditionally worn by draping it lengthwise over the body, producing many layers and pleats. It is wrapped around a "petticoat" or "silhouette" undergarment secured around the waist and a shirt trimmed above the waist, exposing the stomach.


There are more than 80 various methods to drape a saree with a lovely blouse piece with a neck design, basic design is available in India. This variety of draping styles is attributable to India's unique cultural past, where each caste, tribe, creed, and community has its way of draping a saree.


Online saree collection by NARDEV FASHION


What goes into putting up a great saree wardrobe? According to us, the ideal saree closet is only ideal if trends are in perfect harmony with tradition, and that is exactly what we aim to achieve at NARDEV FASHION in our closet collections, which include all different types of sarees such as banarasi, kanjivaram, and paithani, as well as a variety of trendy styles such as zari work, multi-colored charmers, lacework wonders, half-half drapes, and beautiful printed patterns. Not to mention the embroidered work on our classic sarees, patola, banarasi silk from Banaras, kanjivaram sarees, etc!


Let's speak about colors. Indian ethnic design has long been recognized for its vibrant hues, which quickly transform any attractive lady into a head-turning attire. Nardev Fashion sarees online are in keeping with the season's favourite hues, including black sarees, pink sarees, royal blue sarees, and red sarees.


NARDEV FASHION has the greatest choice of trendy and traditional sarees. Some of the top sorts of sarees accessible online are listed below:



On Nardev Fashion, you may get the best Banarasi Saree – THE BEST TRADITIONAL WEAR THAT WILL NEVER FAIL YOU.


The exquisite banarasi saree with zari work and the rich silken border is the first saree that comes to mind when you think of a festive or traditional sari. It's not only one of the most tried-and-true traditional sarees we have, but it also reminds us of all the happy moments we've had with our family and friends at gala events and celebrations. Our moms or grandmothers told us how vital it is to have a fine banarasi saree or two in our wardrobe for special occasions, and we've all paid attention to their words until we saw how ethereal these sarees were.


We at NARDEV FASHION believe in reinventing the classic, and we are always coming up with excellent, better, and greatest wearable and cheap fashion solutions for you. That is why we are always updating our selection and attempting to bring in all-new or most recent banarasi sarees. The greatest selections can only be made when one is presented with an abundance of alternatives and choices, which is also true for our banarasi silk sarees collection. We make sure that we only sell 100% authentic items, so shop for a banarasi saree on Nardev Fashion now!




On NARDEV FASHION, you can get the best Kanjivaram or kanjeevaram sarees.


Do you recall the first time you wore a saree? Was it a family heirloom that your grandmother or mother handed down to you? Did you go saree shopping with your loved ones at a nearby store? Or maybe you haven't yet seen the lovely traditional garb? There is always a saree that completely meets your wardrobe demands, no matter your tastes or likes. You don't have to spend a fortune on a lovely nine-yard saree. Simply trust us to provide you with the greatest ethnic clothing to wear at any traditional soirees such as weddings, holiday celebrations, and other gatherings.


Every Indian lady has a lovely saree collection that occupies a particular place in her heart. When it comes to a true traditional saree, we at NARDEV FASHION know what makes you happy, so we constantly present you with our brand-new and current kanjeevaram sarees online assortment. Say goodbye to lengthy lines at crowded saree stores and salespeople who are too preoccupied to help you. Only on NARDEV FASHION can you buy a Kanjivaram saree online before they go out! WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU WAITING FOR?




Follow these guidelines to pick the ideal blouse for your saree.

Whether you pick a stylish saree blouse design or a basic design, certain general guidelines will help you choose the finest blouse designs. So, here are some crucial guidelines to remember while wearing a saree to a wedding, a festival, or any other occasion:


- Fit and Cut: Always select a blouse that is the proper size for you. It shouldn't be too tight or too loose at any time. Pay attention to your blouse's neck length, sleeve-fitting blouse designs, bodice length blouse, and waist-fitting blouse.


- Body type and comfort: Always select a blouse appropriate for your body type. You're in luck since NARDEV FASHION has many blouse styles, including halter-neck blouses, sheer-back blouses, high-neck blouses, and more. You may wear whichever blouse makes you feel most at ease and confident.


Nardev Fashion is the best place to buy sarees online.

Nardev Fashion is India's premier silk saree boutique and a one-stop-shop for designer silk sarees. Nardev Fashion is a well-known and reliable E-commerce portal for buying sarees online. At the greatest price, we provide unique patterns and attractive sarees. If you're seeking inspiration for Silk saree blouse designs, go through our selection of raw silk blouses. Banarasi silk sarees, cotton silk sarees, soft silk sarees, kanchipuram silk sarees, kanjivaram silk sarees, mysore silk sarees, and paithani silk sarees are all available. We offer a large selection of bridal silk sarees. We offer everything, from the most recent selection to classic sarees. If you are not pleased with the saris you have bought, we offer a simple exchange and return policy. You may also send us an email at, and we will respond within 24 hours. Come join the Nardev Fashion family, and let's have a great time!